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If you've heard of the M1 Garand, you're likely to have heard of Scott Duff. Author, publisher, collector, shooter, Scott has become known as the authority on the M1 Rifle. Less well known is his extensive knowledge and experience with the broad field of Historic Martial Arms of the United States, from the Revolutionary War to today. Scott's contributions to the history and collecting of historic martial arms begins with his books and those of others he publishes, and continues with providing historic arms, artifacts and documents to the collecting community as well as offering expert appraisal and consultation services. Scott would be pleased to offer to purchase your historic martial arm or sell it for you on consignment, from a Revolutionary War flintlock to an M1 Rifle and everything in between! Remember that Scott Duff isn't just Garands--he covers the full spectrum of US Historic Martial Arms, from the Revolutionary War to the present day including the AR-15.
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