UK based company is looking for manufacturers of bespoke caps, trucker and baseball caps

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United Kingdom
A small sports accessory design company based in London redesigns caps for water sports activities. They are looking for a company able to manufacture bespoke caps with a range of fastening methods, additional loops and plastic buttons to prevent corrosion. The UK company seeks for manufacturing agreements with manufacturers capable to produce different styles/colours of the same cap model and capability of providing samples, as well as, capacity for a small, medium and large size production.
The UK based sports accessory start-up designs products aimed at surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. Company has an ambition to distribute their product globally, however, current market focus is within Southern Europe, US coastal areas, as well as Australia. One of the redesign projects comprises of a trucker / baseball cap, which will include multiple fasteners and additional loops for leash attachments. Company has developed and protected its product design. Their hat/cap fits well on different head sizes and keeps item well attached to the head. Therefore, it is more difficult to lose the cap while surfing, wake-boarding, kite surfing, etc., as well as under different weather circumstances. The company will supply the design to a partner manufacturer. They are currently looking for manufacturing agreements with potential partners across Europe. The start-up is seeking for manufacturing agreement with a European manufacturer (preferable based in Eastern Europe) to become main supplier under a medium and long term cooperation. The amount of orders is yet to be determined.


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