Manufacturers/craftsmen able to perform woodturning to produce wooden case of wireless charging device sought.

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An innovative Austrian start-up, that produces smart wireless charging devices for mobile phones, smart watches and tablets, seeks wood turner or a woodworking CNC (computerized numerical control) machine factory in Germany, Czech Republic or Slovenia to produce the wooden case of their devices.
A young, innovative Austrian start-up has developed a smart wireless charging system. Mobile phones, smart watches or tablets can be charged just by putting them on top of the device. In combination with an ingenious, newly developed app, mobile devices can not only be charged, but also profiles for different life situations can be pre-set and executed instantly while charging. One can e.g. set a profile for the wireless charger in the bedroom, which mutes the phone and sets the alarm. So always when going to bed, users just have to put their phone on the device in the bedroom and their nightly phone routine is executed automatically.

So far, the Austrian company is producing locally in Western Austria. The case of the charging device is wooden and handmade by a regional craftsman. By using wood - a sustainable, natural product - and combining it with high-end electronics the Austrian company tried to combine tradition and modernity. Leading to a high-tech product in natural appearance. The design is simple but elegant, making the charging device a modern, high-quality design piece itself. The wooden case can be ordered in 8 different precious woods designs like olive, ash, plum or pine wood.

As orders are increasing and getting to big to be handled by one craftsman, the company is looking for an additional manufacturer, able to perform woodturning, in order to produce the wooden case of the charger. The manufacturer should be situated in the proximity of the region Tyrol in Western Austria, as regionality and sustainability with regard to short hauls are cornerstones of the company philosophy.


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