Funeral Arrangements Brooklyn

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Description: The Caribe Funeral Home has extensive experience at arranging funerals that come before a cremation. We have an impressive selection of cremation caskets and rental caskets to choose from. A family may also opt to have a wake or visitation before the funeral service, and such an event can feature either an open or closed casket.
At the Caribe Funeral Home, only the best preparatory services are administered. Your loved one will be cleaned, sanitized, embalmed, dressed, cosmetized and casketed in a manner that will exceed the expectations of the family and its guests.
We also handle the funeral flowers and the musical arrangements at the family’s request. All our packages include a free casket spray and due to our working relationship with the flower shop located next door, we can get you a discount on the remaining flowers if you receive all the funeral services from us. We have pastors on-hand that are able to officiate the service, or we can schedule with the clergyperson of your choosing.
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