La Shades and Blinds
Solar shades are an excellent window treatment for those looking for flexible light control, attractive aesthetic appeal, and the ability to filter out damaging UV light from the interior of homes or businesses. In this blog entry, the expert shade installation team here at Los Angeles Shade and Blinds will detail exactly why solar shades make an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties of all types. What are solar shades? Solar shades are a window treatment ideal for windows in rooms with sun exposure. They block out light, reduce glare, offer anti-UV ray protection, and protect surfaces like walls, furniture, carpets, and rugs from fading due to solar rays. What materials are solar shades constructed with? Solar shades are constructed with a fine and coated material that’s woven tight for excellent protection against light and heat. Solar shades are usually made of vinyl, but are available in an array of other materials custom tailored to your personal preferences
La Shades and Blinds
Choosing the Best Type of Blind for your Property Most blinds might look similar to the average layperson, but that is far from the truth. The experts here at Los Angeles Shades and Blinds have experience dealing with every form of window treatment under the sun, and we know there’s far more than one type of blinds that can meet our valuable residential or commercial client’s needs for window treatments. In this blog entry, we’ll detail the top forms of blinds commonly in use today, so as to help you make a more informed decision over what type of blind will best meet your light control and privacy needs.

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