About 90 years ago, in his book "The Biosphere" published in 1926, Russian biogeologist Vladimir Volnadsky was the first to realize the meaning of the interdependence between life and the structure of the earth. His "Eureka" may be unremarkable to the indigenous people, and their survival is closely related to the earth. However, in today's society, even though we acknowledge our dependence on the earth's resources-its water, oxygen and other natural elements---perhaps we do not realize the connection between the economy and the earth. Perhaps the depth of this interdependence has been concealed by our search for happiness through materialism and economic growth; or, if our country cannot achieve a higher GDP and our business has no profits, we may not know what to do. So, as individuals, how can we flourish? The call for sustainable development is growing The importance of this long-recognized but ostensibly accepted interdependence is that the earth’s natural resources and any econ

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