Decoding the Imperative Role of Agritech across the Value Chain To say that agritech is only used for on-field operations is like saying that mobile phones are only used for accessing social media. There is no denying that maximising output in an agricultural driven economy like India is important. After all, 60–70% of the country’s population is employed in the sector, cultivating a rich array of crops for food and fibre on an astounding total of 156.46 million hectares of arable land. However, technology is now used for improving the speed at which agriculture is growing and developing. Growth today is not merely measured by production, but also depends majorly on productivity. This is where the agricultural value chain comes into the picture. Agriculture is not solely about battling erratic rainfall, mitigating pest and crop disease concerns, ensuring adequate soil health, etc. It also involves planning the storage, distribution, price points, negotiation and marketing as a whole.

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