Radiant Heated Floor: Do I Need That? By Amanda Cicarella Radiant Heat Over My Existing Floor? Are you considering adding a radiant heated floor over your existing floor? It could be one of the best decisions you make. A radiant heated floor means no more radiators clanking in the night and no noisy vents. No longer will you have a dust-spewing ductwork that triggers any allergy. This is why radiant floor heating is becoming a popular option. The heat is produced by hot water tubes or electric wires that are buried under the flooring. When the invisible thermal radiation rises from below, any object that comes in their way catches heat. Although the air temperature stays constant, the surrounding surfaces are not stealing warmth from your body, ensuring your comfort at all times. Although floor heating temperatures do not harm the wood, different moisture contents eventually cause it to move in several ways. When installing hardwood or any other kind of floor in a home or office, the

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