SCALP CARE AND ITS IMPORTANCE FOR HEALTHY HAIR Protecting your scalp and taking its care is a key factor if one wants "healthy" hair. This is imperative for all, men and women, young and old. It is impossible to have healthy hair without detoxifying the scalp and removing the impurities. The beauty and health of hair start from its root. Just like your skin or hair, the scalp requires a proper amount of care too. The scalp is said to be the 'foundation' of your hair. Hence, keeping it healthy and clean is an integral part of achieving healthy hair growth. If not, this may result in a range of hair issues like inflammation, severe itching, and dandruff. In this guide, we'll explain more about why your scalp needs more attention. You will also learn about improving your hair and scalp care routines. With the help of these tips and facts, you will able to learn strategies to improve the hair growth and health. BENEFITS OF A HEALTHY SCALP The readers must've understood that a he

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