Should You Put Nitrogen in Your Car's Tires? Proponents of nitrogen say that filling your tires with this gas can save you money on petrol, avoid wheel rot, and provide superior results than regular air. However, a deeper examination finds that nitrogen offers little advantages and has significantly greater expenses. Here's the gist of it: Keep your money in your pocket and stay with air. Why Is Nitrogen Good for Tires? Filling your car's tires with nitrogen reduces air loss, improves fuel efficiency, reduces rolling resistance, and improves safety, according to this typical pitch. Some vehicles even come with green covers on valve stems, indicating that the tires have already been inflated with nitrogen. During normal repair visits or when replacing tires, dealerships and tire shops frequently charge owners AED5 or more per tire to fill them with nitrogen. Is the cost of nitrogen, however, justified? Drivers will notice benefits in vehicle control, fuel efficiency, and tire life w

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