So, you’ve decided to sell the house that you have made memories in, raised a family in, and called home for many years. You may have even choosen your realtor. It’s all exciting yet terrifying and the same time. While I am not in the real estate business, I’ve been called on 1000’s of times to rectify deficiencies noted on the home inspection report. This article is a part of a series of notes that can help you avoid…. yes, “The cost of selling the house“. Once a buyer has decided to Love your home, the fun begins. The buyer will most likely schedule a property inspection within just a few days of you accepting the offer. Remember, the inspector is paid by the Buyer- to find stuff that should be repaired, replaced, or at minimum is a concern to be aware of. Before we get into saving you the cost of these buyer demand repairs, lets state the obvious that your realtor has likely advised. Declutter: Getting top dollar for your home means making what you have presentable. Yep- you’ve gat

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