5 Things To Know Before Driving In Mexico Planning for the weekend vacation by road in Mexico? This article helps you to learn about some laws and implicit customs before your tour. Tips For Driving in Mexico Here are 5 tips to keep in mind for your drive in Mexico: Be Completely Aware of Your Surroundings As a United States driver, you are likely customary to road signs, strict right-of-way laws, and traffic signals. Make sure you know the speed limits and know the laws of the road in Mexico before you travel. Stick to the Toll Roads The Department of State recommends driving on toll driveway for enhanced safety & good road conditions. This is also known because outside of general cities in Mexico, essential services like police services may be limited. Drive During Daylight Driving in the day can be safer and easier in Mexico, the Department of State advises that tourists or visitors please avoid driving alone at night. because police or emergency services can be limited in some

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