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Diesel fuel is an important contributor to the UAE economy. This internal combustion engine has a wide range of applications and serves as a power generator for various industries. Due to its ignition characteristics, handling at low temperature, flash point it is also used in diesel engine generators to generate electricity for emergency power supply. Diesel fuel provides more useful energy per unit of volume since it has a greater energy density than other liquid fuels. Diesel fuel contains higher quantities of condensed hydrocarbon and sulphur compounds that produces air pollution emissions which are potentially hazardous to human health. Many countries has enacted emission standards rules to be carried out by oil refineries to reduce the level of sulphur in diesel. Signature Diesel trading is among the top Diesel suppliers in UAE who believe in creation of the energy of future. As a premier name among Diesel fuel supplier Abudhabi, Signature Diesel trading supplies ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) which is almost sulfur-free at no more than 15 ppm. We ensure high grade performance levels from our premium quality, low sulphur automotive Diesel fuel which follows the latest international requirements in environmental and quality standards. Many Diesel suppliers in UAE fail in the supply of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which leads into high amount of CO2 emissions, increased smoke output and reduced engine starting.


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