F/F(S/F) FRP Double-Wall Petroleum Tank Equipment

F/F(S/F) FRP Double-Wall Petroleum Tank Equipment
Production line composition: The production line mainly consists of a walking machine head, a tail of a walking machine, a spraying trolley, spray gun, and control system.

1. Tank diameter: DN1000-3000mm

2. Tank length: ≤12000mm

3. Main shaft rotation speed: 0~5rpm/min

4. Winding trolley max speed: 1.2m/min

5. Spray width: 200mm

6. Total installed capacity: 20KW

7. Equipment occupied area:L:22000mm, W:10000mm。

8. Control System: PLC control

S/F (F/F) double-wall spraying (winding) equipment is a production equipment for steel or reinforced glass fiber(FRP) double-wall structure oil storage tank.

The spraying equipment produced by our company is precisely controlled by PLC numerical control to realize automatic spraying (winding). The width of spraying (winding) can be strictly controlled, so that the wall thickness of spraying (winding) layer is uniform, there is no lapped gap phenomenon, and parameter input is very convenient. easy to use. The PLC (computer) CNC platform adopts the Xinjie touch screen, input the required width, the program can be automatically run as required, and the human-machine interface is friendly. The steel card is simple and reliable, and has a weighting device. The weight of the tank is completed by simple adjustment to make the operation stable. The spindle power is sufficient to adopt the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation mode, with brake device to meet the production of vessels of various diameters. Bubbles in the coating can be driven out and the coating can be densified, increasing the strength of the coating. The large-volume resin tank is installed at the bottom of the trolley, and the resin can be used to complete the spraying of multiple tanks, and the automatic feeding device (optional) is provided to save manpower. The S/F (F/F) double-wall spraying equipment produced by our company is a high-tech automatic spraying equipment widely used in underground storage tanks production for gas stations.
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