Large Vertical Tank Winding Machine

Large Vertical Tank Winding Machine
DN4000-DN25000 Vertical tank winding machine

Equipment configuration:

The main components of the vertical winding equipment are mold returning platform, winding trolley and walking track, dipping equipment, roving creel and roving guiding system, computer control system.

For the production process of 8000m³ FRP tanks, the first difficulty is the design of the drawings, and then the greatest difficulty is how to make a large winding equipment. The on-site winding storage tanks used in the previous period were all wound by tank shell and the winding machine did not move. It is basically impossible to make a storage tank with a diameter of 32 meters by using conventional winding equipment and winding methods. After continuous innovation and transformation, we designed the track of three-dimensional winding machine, and let the winding machine move around the 32-meter mold, thus the problem is solved. Currently, the production method and winding equipment of extra large FRP storage tanks have been declared national patents, and the Guinness record is also being applied for.

FRP tanks have strong corrosion resistance, and the tensile and compressive strengths are several times higher than PE and PVC tanks. Therefore, filament winding FRP tanks have been widely used in the chemical industry. The FRP tank wound by the track vertical winding machine has the advantages of large storage capacity, small occupied area and low cost per unit volume. At present, the technology is widely used in large-scale chemical enterprises to meet the requirements of special enterprises for large-scale FRP tanks, and save a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and create good social benefits.
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