Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer

Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer
China bucket wheel stacker reclaimer supplier offers bucket wheel stacker reclaimer combining stacking and reclaiming tasks in bulk material handling.
Basic Structure
Bucket-wheel structure, cantilever belt conveyor, metal structure, rotary table, gate seat, slewing mechanism, tripper car, accessory structure, rail system, lubrication system, control room

Technical Characteristics
1.Perfect homogenization
In the longitudinal material blending yard, different stacking processes can be adopted according to different working conditions. Continuous synthetic stacking methods can be adopted to ensure the homogenization effect in the circular material blending yard.
2. Reliability
2.1 We guarantee the advanced technology and stable equipment with the experience and development of making stackers and reclaimers as well as absorbing the advanced technology from international.
2.2 Advanced production equipment and manufacturing technique, such as steel pretreatment line which improves the product's quality and anti-corrosion capability, large milling and boring machine which improves the quality of large parts, large-scale structural components processed the pre-assembling procedure driving parts. Every equipment will be tested before delivery. Rotating parts are all processing mold integrated manufacturing.
2.3 New materials applicating, such as wear-resistance material, composite material
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