Ambu Bag Adult/Child/Infant

Ambu Bag Adult/Child/Infant

Product Code:

Ambu Bag Adult: M23A

Ambu Bag Child:M23B

Ambu Bag Infant:M23C

Product Description:

Provide assisted ventilation to people who are either not breathing or are having trouble breathing. The bag needs to be compressed to force a volume of air into the lungs. Consists of a bag, adapter and one-way valve. The bag is the main part of the device. It can be attached directly to an endotracheal tube or a mask using the adapter. The bag also has a one-way valve which allows the oxygen to flow to the patient and prevents the patient from breathing in his exhaled air. Some bags may have a reservoir, which increases the amount of oxygen the patient receives.

Product Features

Bags come in different sizes for infants, children and adults. The different sizes are needed to deliver an appropriate tidal volume of air to the patient, based on his size.
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