Hyundai H1 Ambulance

Hyundai H1 Ambulance
Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement and Covering of Patient’s Cabin
Flooring with Marine Plywood and Vinyl Coating
Roof Type Ventilation Fan
Electrical and Electronic Wiring System with 12V power outlet
Electrical Control Panel/Fuse Box
Cabinet for Medical Equipment and Consumables
Hazardous & Sharps Item Container
2x Oxygen Cylinders, Steel, 10L with Valve
2x Oxygen Regulator
2x Oxygen Humidifier
2x Oxygen Flowmeter
2x Oxygen Outlet
Oxygen System related Hoses
Seat Tip-up Bench with under seat storage area, backrest, seatbelts
Technician’s Set with Seatbelts
Fire Extinguisher (2kg)
General & Complete various lighting of patient’s cabin
Siren System, Amplifier and Microphone (100W)
Alarm and LED Lightbar
2x Strobes (LED) Single Lights, rear
Flood Light, rear of ambulance
Livery, Designing of ambulance
Glass Tinting of Ambulance
Reverse Alarm
V. Hooks
Waste bin/Sharps Container
Glass Window Emergency Breaker with Seatbelt Cutter
Automatic Loading Stretcher
Medical suction, Portable, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
Emergency Bag
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