Toyota Hiace High Roof Ambulance

Toyota Hiace High Roof Ambulance
• Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement and Covering of Patient’s Cabin
• Flooring with Marine Plywood with Vinyl Coating
• Roof Type Ventilation Fan
• Electrical Wiring with Insulation
• Electrical Control Panel/Fuse Box
• Bulk Head with Sliding Window
• Cabinet for Medical items and Consumables
• Panel for Installation of Medical Equipments
• Hazardous & Sharps Item Container
• Electrical Outlets (12V)
• 2x Oxygen Cylinders, Steel, 10L with valve
• 2x Oxygen Regulator
• 2x Humidifier and Oxygen Flowmeter
• 2x Oxygen Outlet
• Oxygen System related Hoses
• 2x Strobe Single Lights, rear
• Flood Light, rear of ambulance
• Rear Step (Steel)
• Livery and Designing of ambulance
• Glass Tinting of Ambulance
• I.V. Hooks
• Automatic Loading Stretcher
• Medical Suction, Portable, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
• Emergency Bag (with resuscitation set)
• Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer
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