GMC Savana Ambulance

GMC Savana Ambulance
Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement and Covering of Patient’s Cabin
Flooring with Marine Plywood and Vinyl Coating
Complete Ceiling System
Inlet/Outlet Fan
Air Conditioning System for the Patient’s Cabin
Electrical Wiring with Insulation
Electrical Control Panel/ Fuse Box
Bulk Head with Sliding Glass Window
Cabinets for Medical Equipments
Panel for Installation Medical Equipments
1 Waste Bin
3 Electrical Outlets (12V)
2 Electrical Outlets (220V)
2x Oxygen Cylinders, Steel, 10L with Valve
2x Oxygen Regulator
2x Oxygen Humidifier
2x Oxygen Flowmeter
2 Oxygen Outlet
Oxygen Cylinder Exchange Valve
Oxygen System related hoses
Seat Tip-up Bench with under seat storage area, back rest and seat belts
Technician’s Seat with Seat belt
Extra Battery
Inboard Battery Charger
Inverter (220V)
Fire Extinguisher (2kg)
General & Complete various lighting of patient’s cabin
Complete covering of patient’s cabin
No Man flag