Local company is looking for UK suppliers of solutions for oil & gas offshore and marine waste management and disposal

TypeName: Business Request
Country: Brazil
Summary: The Brazilian representative company is very active in the oil & gas industry. Contacts from this company have previously worked in renowned international companies from the subsea and offshore sectors, which indicates they are experienced in these industries.
They firmly believe that within a short period of time Brazil will become the country with the largest offshore operation in the world and with that a massive increase in the demand for management and disposal of the waste that comes from FPSOs, FSOs, drilling units and supply boats.
Description: The company is working to be ahead of the game and is looking to identify UK companies active in this area and interested in doing business in Brazil.
They aim to offer an integrated solution to the industry in Brazil, from trusted and renowned sources, by well trained and certified people.
Comments: Closing date: 15/12/2016
RequestId: 78
United States