DNA Methylation Kit

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Request Date:2017/08/11
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Summary: DNA methylation is a naturally occurring event in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. In prokaryotes DNA methylation provides a way to protect host DNA from digestion by restriction endonucleases that are designed to eliminate foreign DNA, and in higher eukaryotes DNA methylation functions in the regulation/control of gene expression. It has been demonstrated that aberrant DNA methylation is a widespread phenomenon in cancer and may be among the earliest changes to occur during oncogenesis. DNA methylation has also been shown to play a central role in gene imprinting, embryonic development, X-chromosome gene silencing, and cell cycle regulation. In many plants and animals, DNA methylation consists of the addition of a methyl group to the fifth carbon position of the cytosine pyrimidine ring via a methyltransferase enzyme. The majority of DNA methylation in mammals occurs in 5"-CpG-3" dinucleotides, but other methylation patterns do exist. In fact, about 80 percent of all 5"-CpG-
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