Flash Chromatography

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Request Date:2017/06/06
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Description: The rapid foam of preparative chromatography is "flash chromatography". Flash column chromatography is usually carried out with a mixture of two solvents, with a polar and a nonpolar component. A "State of Art" method of chromatography is called Flash chromatography when solvent is force down to the column with the external air pressure to isolate desired organic compounds. The solvent used for the flash column chromatography depends on the retention factor, retention factor is the calculated by measuring the distance traveled by sample and the solvent. The common solvent used Ether/Petroleum Ether, Ether/Hexane, Ether/Pentane, Ethyl Acetate / Hexane, Methanol/Dichloromethane and many more. The advantages of using flash column chromatography over conventional column chromatography is that It is less solvent usage, greater flexibility and faster. The percentage of yield obtain is higher due to the fine particle of silica gel and aluminium oxide. Flash chromatography methods for chemical compounds purifications, medical chemistry, laboratories research , natural products separation.
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