Spherical silica Gel Chromatography

TypeName: Business Offer
Request Date:2017/06/06
Country: United States
Advantages: Spherical silica Chromatography sorbent demonstrates a perfect separation of insulin and the main impurities desamido-insulin. Using silica chromatography sorbent in your polishing step, an outstanding insulin purity of 99.8% can be achieved. Spherical silica Chromatography is a spherical, porous silica sorbent available in two particle sizes: 10 and 20 μm for preparative liquid chromatography (LC). With a pore diameter of 100? (10 nm), these sorbents fit perfectly into the polishing step of small peptides like insulin, and other biopharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) like antibiotics and hormones.
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Name:Caroline Green
United States