A Russian company specialized in production and wholesale supply of cereals and dry goods is looking for manufacturers in EU countries.

TypeName: Business Request
Request Date:2015/06/30
Country: Russia
Summary: A Russian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of sugar, cereals and dry foods, as well as distribution of grocery is looking for manufacturers in Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Germany.
Description: The Russian company is specialized in production of sugar, packaged cereal, flour and in distribution of grocery products. The company also supplies process industries with vegetable oil, flour, cereals and dry foods.
The company is established in 1998. Due to its responsive approach to the demands of the clients the company is now in the leading position among the other suppliers in the region. Time by time the company invests the capital to the modernization of the warehousing equipment and fleet vehicles. So, the large scale producers in EU countries like Germany, Italy, Poland and Lithuania will be of utmost interest for the company to be their distributor in the territory of Kaliningrad region.
RequestId: 11


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