Dutch designer seeks a manufacturer of washed canvas and leather bags

Business Request
The young Dutch SME started out recently in 2016, they are designing and selling, high-quality bags made out of washed canvas and leather. The products are sold on the international market. The company seeks a manufacturer, who has experience in processing washed canvas and leather fabrics into high-quality bags.
The young company started out in 2016, they design and sell bags made out of washed canvas and leather.

They are growing into an international brand for those seeking unique items. The designs and quality are reflected in the keywords “ functional, strong, all time favourite and vintage”.
The vintage look of the bags is created by using heavy, washed canvas, worn out leather and sturdy metal details.

The SME is seeking a skilled and experienced manufacturer for the sewing of the bags. The potential partner is preferably from Portugal or Eastern-Europe, but interested companies from different countries of origin are invited to respond as well.

The potential partner should have experience in manufacturing bags made out of a combination of canvas and leather.

Preferably the potential partner sources all the materials needed, so that they are responsible for the quality of the selected materials. But if this isn’t possible the Dutch company can provide the necessary materials as well.

The process will be as follows: The Dutch SME will provide the sketches. Based on these sketches the manufacturer can make samples. If the samples are of the expected quality and the two companies can agree on the price and the quantities then the definite batch can be produced by the manufacturer. The size of the initial batch will be 300 bags. When sales increase the batch size will grow..

The future cooperation will be based on a manufacturing agreement.


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