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PCD companies are the companies that provide the support of branding and distribution of products in a geographical location to a particular person. The respective person can sell the products of the company and take the help of a popular brand to get an initial boost in the business.
The full form of PCD is propaganda cum distribution. Here the distributorship and marketing rights are granted to the franchise owner where he or she has to maintain the quality of the product or service while maintaining the popularity of the brand name.
Individuals with pharmaceutical distribution businesses are able to earn a good amount of revenue because this is a field where demand is never decreased. So there is a good return on investment with a very moderate amount of risk. However, the policies of every company are different therefore you must find a good ideal company to start your franchise.
Finecure Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2005 and deals in dosage forms of segments like tablets, dry syrup If we take the company- Zydus Cadila. The company was started in 1952 and gives total healthcare solutions. They have a huge experience in the industry. Also, they have manufacturing and research centers across many states. The company has a great supply chain, also the marketing and promotion channels are very strong so you do not need to worry about advertising. As said that this is a monopoly company so there is very little competition and also it has covered a large market.
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