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A French SME, based in northern France, is specialized in concrete precast element production and building construction. It is looking for a partner having an innovative technology (patented technology, equipment…) which is willing to share this technology on a new European production site. Partnership considered could be licensing, or building a joint-venture. The French company offers its renowned know-how in concrete precast and presents a strategical location in Europe.
A French SME, located in northern France, is specialized in the production of concrete precast element and building construction with precast elements. The company is proposing tailor made reinforced concrete elements, fitting with the clients specifications and has a renowned know-how and expertise in this field.

The factory offers a production area of 9000m² with welding workshop, formwork design, and concrete pouring. Elements produced could be simple one such as post or beam, but also balconies, and aesthetic concrete pieces (color dyed, stamped…). Application can be for individual houses, collective equipment or urban elements. Aesthetics pieces are of interest for landscaping projects or for original facades. The company operates in markets of all sizes in the northern part of France (between Paris to Belgium).

The company is willing to innovate in this field by integrating new technology in its processes or in its products. This technology has to give to the company a competitive advantage and strong impact on the market, while maintaining the advantages of the French company which are the quality of its products and its reactivity.

The French company wants to cooperate with this partner in the framework of license agreement or joint-venture agreement. The French company offers its renowned expertise for production of reinforced concrete elements and its strategic location in the north of France, close to UK, Benelux, and France markets. Commercial agreement with technical assistance could be of interest too for the acquisition of the technology.


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