A Polish confectionery producer is looking for a machine or a line for filling hard candies.

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A Polish company produces sweets, it specializes in the production of lollipops with different flavours and shapes as well as hard candies and caramels. The company plans to start production of new products – filled candies and it is looking for the machine or the line to fill hard candies with some hard filling or liquid. The company is looking for a supplier and offers cooperation on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Polish company has been operating for over 25 years in manufacturing of sweets. In 2015, it changed owners. It offers nearly 20 kinds of products, mainly different flavour and shape lollipops, drops, hard caramels and Christmas tree icicles e.g.: lollipops of fruit, cola, mixed fruit, strawberry flavour; heart lollipops of fruit, cola, milk flavour; lollipops finger multifruit: patterned, icicles Christmas tree; hard candies of fruit, mint, ice, milk flavour.
Production is distinguished by excellent quality and taste. All products contain no preservatives.
The company has already taken international cooperation, about 60% of products is being sold to customers in the EU, e.g. in Germany, England, the Czech Republic and Greece.

The company has invested in modern equipment for the past few years and it allows to perform more and better quality confectionery.

Currently the company plans to produce the new product – filled candies with a hard filling or a liquid. It is looking for the machine or line for filling hard candies with a hard filling or a liquid. The equipment must be effective, efficient, and reliable, must impact on reducing production costs and produce high-quality confectionery. The company is looking for a line that requires not many operators and the entire production process takes place at low energy consumption.
The company would like to cooperate with suppliers: manufacturers or distributors, which must have experience in designing, manufacturing of complete equipment for the production of filling candies.

Possible cooperation on the basis of the commercial agreement with technical assistance.


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