New services for horse breeding, health and welfare

Technology Offer
A French start-up active in the fields of of nutrition, health, welfare and performance of the horse has developed a range of services in the field of equine breeding product development for industrial companies active in digestive health and exercise physiology of horses.

They are looking for technical cooperation or service agreements with international companies.
This French company has been built on dedicated competencies in the fields of nutrition, health, welfare and performance of horses.

They have develop a range of services for industries working in equine breeding according to 5 domains of expertise :
- health: Measure of digestive health, immunity, parasitism, etc.
- performance: Measure of speed, endurance, strength, power, oxidative stress, recovery time, etc.
- production: Measure of fertility, milk quantity and quality, growth, etc.
- welfare: Measure of stress, behavior, pain, etc.
- quality: Measure of palatability, nutritional values, hygienic quality, etc.

These services are made possible through
- an experimental stable (24 boxes) dedicated to equine research;
- on the field support through its network of partners (equine vets, breeders, trainers, etc.).
- strategic partnerships with a university lab for the analysis of gastrointestinal microbiota as well as with another start-up SME for projets that would require surgery with access to a surgery room specialized for large animals.

The company is offering this expertise through technical cooperation or service agreements.
The company holds a unique position in the European scientific network thanks to: - its scientific expertise in equine research The company has a strong partnership with the French academic research team in equine nutrition that is recognized as world leader in this field. This partnership and frequent publications guarantee a strong scientific expertise. - its independence The company only provides research services. The company does not sell any feed/medicine product that could compromise its independence. - its research facilities The experimental stable enables to drive large studies in experimental conditions (up to 4 treatments * 6 horses). It also enables the company to build strong protocols and run studies compliant with the EU standards (EFSA, EMA, ECHA, etc.)


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