H2020-SFS-2016-2017: SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY – RESILIENT AND RESOURCE-EFFICIENT VALUE CHAINS - Looking for partners for project on control of the quality and the health condition on the grapevine on a solid basis

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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
A Macedonian Institute of Agriculture is developing a project under H2020-SFS-2016-2017: Sustainable food security and is looking for project partners experienced in science of virus free planting material of grapevine and grape production. The project aims at control of the quality and the health condition on the grapevine on a solid basis, to create preconditions in which the quality and the health will examine on scientific level in the laboratory, then, with certainty will be implemented
The main objective on this proposed idea is seriously unification on the whole process of quality control and health status on the grapevine, from production of planting material to production of grapes, including a relevant expert scientists and highly sophisticated equipment. Viticulture and winemaking as economic branches takes up a large part of the total agricultural production, and they become a significant part of the gross national income of the states. It is necessary to have much more production of healthy, virus free and quality planting material. There should be a continuous control from planting to finished product, i.e. quality control and sanitary condition of seedlings and grapes. The analyzes and laboratory trials are placed mostly on experiential evaluation, visualization and organoleptic estimation.
The idea of the project is firstly placing of control in viticulture on stable basis, to a scientific level and production of "small" i.e. experimental production under laboratory conditions (in vitro) of virus free material in controlled and selected varieties (mostly autochthonous or domesticated varieties of grapevine). After multiplication will make acclimatization and minimal propagation in half open and external conditions ("Botanical Gardens" or small greenhouses for experimental production). Further is done ELISA-test for viral testing them or makes molecular diagnostics for diseases and pests, depending on the technical equipment. Further already developed techniques and methods under laboratory conditions and in small "Botanical Gardens" along with certain advice and directions will be implemented in the wider agricultural production. Besides the production of a healthy planting material of grapevine steadily laboratories will be examined the quality and health status of the current production of grapevine in the country and of those quantities are imported from outside.
The focus of this project proposal are the scientific advancements and innovative technologies that have been developed and proposed by experts of the highest scientific level to be implemented in the current production, in order for its increase and improvement. Also, it takes to go in the direction of creating technical equipment of for continuous quality control and health status of the current production of grapevine, and therefore stably and sustainably viticulture.
The scientific research will include:
- The establishment of quality control and the health condition of grapevine and on a solid basis of scientific level, leading to improved the health condition, the quality and the yield of the grapevine.
- The examination and analysis of grapevine locational situated in one place (institute or research center) will contribute to higher quality performance of the analyzes and the tests, improved access to information and data and reduce the cost of transport.
- Examinations would be conducted by scientific experts
- Along with the scientific staff and highly sophisticated equipment, the knowledge for work with the equipment and knowledge of the methods and the activities, leading to a recognized (accredited) activity
- Continuously education and distribution of young staff to perform existing activity.
- Innovations that have been achieved with in vitro propagation, molecular diagnostics, clonal selection of virus free planting material and genetic investigations of grapevine are involved in the wider production.
The EoIs for this project are opened until 30 December 2016, the call deadline is 14.02.2017.


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