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Korea, South
A Korean university research team is developing a smart supply chain management and seeks a partner for a EUREKA or Eurostars2. The smart supply chain management (SCM) can handle these uncertainties and achieve quality, cost, responsiveness and customer satisfaction. They are seeking universities/companies working in ICT to co-develop the smart supply chain management by providing wireless communication based on a sensor network via research cooperation agreement.
A South Korean university research team has shown excellence in the field of information and communication technology. The team is now working toward to develop a smart supply chain management, which is semantic-based automated data gathering and processing by collaborating knowledge, service and context from supplier, manufacturer, distribution center, retail outlet to customer. The research team is now looking for a partner to conduct EUREKA or Eurostars2 project together.

In the smart SCM, various wireless technologies are implemented based on new protocols. They are supervisory communication using wireless lan (WLAN), decentralized process control based on radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless device network based on Zigbee and Bluetooth, failure messaging using general packet radio service (GPRS) and localization by ubiquitous web service (UWS).

The objective of international research collaboration is to propose a framework and use case model of smart SCM utilizing sensor networks and IT technology.

The expected output of research collaboration is a smart SCM framework, a process module which can be used in the SCM and logistics, a few use case models for different application domains. The domains cover quality management, process control, process monitoring, production control, smart factory and supply chain management.

Role of the company
The Role of the partner in the project includes:
- Wireless communication based on sensor network.
- Use case model of stock management in logistics and SCM
- Use case model of combining the production information for real time control for product quality
- Combining IoT data with smart SCM and model

Deadline for EOI: 16 January 2017
Deadline for Call (Eurostars2: expected): 16 February 2017
Project duration: 3 years
- can manage global optimization by overcoming uncertainty in changing environment, complexity and conflict. - primarily concerned with the efficient integration of suppliers, factories, warehouses and stores - enables supervisory communication, decentralized process control, wireless device networks, failure messaging and localization utilizing the below mentioned sensors. - can handle flexibility, adaptability, complexity control and cognitive behavior of the future factory.
Comments Regarding Stage of Development Sensor integration and network in the SCM has been implemented in the prototype model. For a specific SCM process, integration of sensor data and process control is under research in the laboratory level. Comments Regarding IPR Status No patent yet. The team will submit a patent for the process control of sensor networks in the near future.


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