Latvian food manufacturer seeks packaging and raw materials

Business Request
A Latvian company that has developed a new food product from roasted broad beans is looking for doypack zip manufacturers as well as suppliers of dry broad beans in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.

The Latvian company has developed its new product - bean chips in close cooperation with food technologists and Latvia University of Agriculture. Broad beans are an excellent source of protein and fibre and the company hope that it would be a very good alternative to the usual snacks. The product is available in 4 different flavours - without spices, lightly salted, lightly salted with garlic, lightly salted with garlic and oregano, and it can be bought already in the small shops and seasonal markets.
The company is looking for the packaging and raw materials under a manufacturing agreement to ensure the production capacity during the winter season. They are looking for 3-layer (Kraft/ Low-density polyethylene/ Half metallized polyester) doypack zip packaging with following dimension:
- 130mm x 200mm x 64mm
- 110mm x 185mm x 65mm
The requested amount is 5000 pieces.
The company is also looking for 5000 kg of very good quality dry broad purple/violet-coloured beans preferably. Broad beans in other colours will also be considered.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought : The company is looking for doypack zip packaging with the following parameters: - dimensions: 130mm x 200mm x 64mm, 110mm x 185mm x 65mm - 3 layers - Kraft50, VMPet12, LDPE40 - quantity: 5000 pcs The company is looking for dry broad beans with the following parameters: - preferable purple/violet-coloured beans - quantity: 5000 kg


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