H2020 GALILEO-1-2017: companies/organisations active in railway sector to develop an innovative solution for the maintenance service of rail infrastructure

Research & Development Request

Italian company active in communication & security is writing a project proposal to be submitted under H2020: GALILEO-1-2017 call. The project is aimed at enabling an innovative solution to improve the maintenance service of rail infrastructure.
The company is looking for European partners active in the railway sector to be involved. Universities, as academic supervisor are also sought.
The RAIM project aims at enhancing the operation of vehicles maintenance in railway infrastructure.
The main idea is to propose a innovative solution to improve the maintenance service of rail infrastructure. All the fleet will be based on a wireless network that will allow collecting the data of vehicles employment and will be written a forecast about the length and timely replacement of the components. The objective is to move from a cyclical maintenance to a predictive one.
The system, in compliance with regulation 445/2011, will be implemented by a wireless network, used to link to the machine employed, and consisting of an installed diagnostic box on the vehicles used to collect data that will be sent to the operations center. The central server will act as a node between the operating switching machine and the maintenance operators.

The access to the system will be multilevel and will be managed by four profiles:

- System administrator which coordinates the service functions and establish all the user rights and activities

- Fleet Manager which supervises the distribution of vehicles and their retrieval when they have to be repaired of refurbished

- Maintenance developer, which will manage the service documentation and procedures on the basis of statics and data processed by RAIM‘s elaboration software

- Operational manager, which will execute the technical activities on the vehicles retrieved for maintenance and will draw up the related working reports.

RAIM project is mainly oriented to the European maintenance companies of railway networks, but the major machine manufacturer will be also involved.
The company is mainly looking for rails companies, railway builders and makers of maintenance way vehicles to perform the test phase. Companies with expertise in project coordination in the field of railways are also sought.
A university with supervising role is also needed.

Call identifier: H2020 (GALILEO-1-2017)
Types of action: Innovation action

Deadline of the call: 01-03-2017 (March 1st 2017)
Deadline for EOIs: 26-11-2016 (November 26th 2016)

Some information about the Italian company behind this profile:
Since 1960 it has been involved in designing, manufacturing
and managing high tech radio-communication systems both for public administration and private use, in Italy or abroad.
It has thus gained particular, specific expertise in designing microelectronic devices, where small dimensions, low power consumption and high reliability are the key factors to satisfy the customer's requirement.
Nowadays there are advanced technologies for railway diagnosis but some solutions for geolocation and control of the means of intervention have not been developed, yet. RAIM system aims to spread a solution for the management of these vehicles. The innovation advantages are: - Remote monitoring of the vehicles - Tracing of all working operations - Prediction of failures and early warning generation - More accuracy of localization due to Galileo network - Indoor location of vehicles - Less time for repairing interventions - Increase of staff safety - Fuel cost savings - Maintenance costs reduction - Improvement of working area due to video surveillance


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