EUREKA : Development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to meet European standards

Research & Development Request
Request Date:
Korea, South
A Korean SME specialized in developing the AMI total solution is preparing a project proposal under the EUREKA programme. The project is about further developing and designing of the AMI solution which is adaptable to local conditions and could monitor the pricing information of the electricity in real-time. They are looking for a company or an institute which would like to collaborate in this project. The expression of interests will be received a month before the deadline of 17th of September.
Government agencies and utilities are turning toward AMI systems as part of larger “Smart Grid” initiatives. AMI extends current advanced meter reading technology by providing two way meter communications, allowing commands to be sent toward the households for multiple purposes, including “time-of-use” pricing information, demand-response actions, or remote service disconnects.
The company has 7600 household installation experience in Korea. With this installed system, the company is serving electric metering data based energy management service.
In addition, the company has experience supplying the AMI solution in Jamaica in 2013. Like this case, they would like to find a European company or an institute to jointly further develop this technology by adapting to the European standards. This further development will be proceeded via EUREKA project which the project due date is on 17th of September.
The expected Role & Responsibility for each company is shown below :
1. Korean Company : AMI Total Solution Development & Technical Support of :
1) Electric Meter
2) Power Line Communication modem
3) Data Concentration Unit
4) Meter Data Management System server
5) Energy Management System server
2. Partner company: Customization & Localization for AMI Total Solution/ pilot project made and processing development and upgrade for energy management system and smart phone application
- Experimental model testing & functional prototype testing for electric meter and data concentration unit
- Energy management system testing & Language translation
- Complete system testing
- after the R&D development, further expecting the sales and maintenance in the local level

Because the deadline of submitting project proposal is due on 17th of September, the company would like to receive the expression of interest no later than one month before the submission.
- It is an energy saving technology for smart city - It enables existing old buildings to save and manage their electricity consumption with simple and easy installation - Households or building manager can save electricity or any other utilities by monitoring their energy consumption in real-time. - Able to remotely monitor and control the energy consumption with smart phone - Operators and utility companies can prospect the demand response so they will be effectively control the energy supply - Operators and utility companies can reduce the labor costs - Highly stable solution due to the usage of Qualcomm’s PLC chip - This system can be installed in the existing building without extra wiring work The strong point of suggesting AMI system is using PLC chipset of Qualcomm Inc. In comparison with the PLC chip (65dB) of others in the same environment, the degree of signal attenuation of Qualcomm's PLC chip (85dB) is better predominantly about 20dB or so. Applying this AMI system, user can get more reliable data acquisition rate compared with AMI solution of a third-party’s one.


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