Romanian foreign language provider is looking for other international educational or training institutions which would be interested in exchanges involving native speaking teachers under a services agreement.

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Romanian private education center seeks native speaking teachers in English, German, Japanese, Italian and / or Spanish and is interested in an inter-institutional collaboration between themselves and other international language providers. The type of cooperation envisaged is a services agreement. Partners are sought regardless of country of origin.
The company is a well-known and experienced language centre based in Romania. The centre offers its services to all who want to study English, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish in order to use these languages for studies all around the globe or to get a job. The company offers innovative courses adapted to students’ needs and expectations. Besides the general language courses for the different levels from A2 to C2 for English, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish, the company also offers professional courses of Business English, Legal English and Medical English. All course and teaching aids are adapted to fit the students’ age, level of language, background linguistic experience, period of study and qualification to be obtained.
The maximum class size is 10. The company also offers one-to-one courses on demand. The number of students is based on the level of the studied language and the students’ needs. Teaching methods employed by the company are designed to help students develop fluent language communication skills, essential in their attempt to succeed in the academic and professional world.
The company is an exam preparation centre for Cambridge and a registered Pearson LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) examination centre. English language qualifications are available and recognised worldwide. The centre also prepares for American exams, i.e. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), and Michigan Exams.
The Romanian centre also provides its students the possibility to travel to Japan and/ or the United Kingdom, in order to learn the languages and discover the cultures of the two countries in organised groups, attended and supervised by a teacher, in a friendly, educational environment. The school in Japan has an experience of 34 years in teaching Japanese to foreigners and it is based in Tokyo. The students can take Japanese proficiency exams from N5 to N1.
The centre seeks the services provided by native speakers of English, German, Japanese, Italian and/ or Spanish. Both students and staff can benefit from the advantage of direct contact with native speakers. Students can improve and develop their language skills, communication and learning abilities. Company staff can enrich their professional experience, exchange useful information regarding teaching and learning methodology and class management and develop their network of contacts.
Services agreements are preferred. Exchanges of staff can be arranged, in which case native speakers of Romanian can teach within an educational center abroad and foreign speakers of English, German, Japanese, Italian and/ or Spanish can come to Romania and teach. In both cases the experiences are rewarding for all parties involved, be they staff or students. Such cooperation types allow both businesses to enter on new markets and expand internationally, to interact and jointly create new solutions for education and language teaching in a globalized world, and enrich the professional experiences of their staff.
The center focuses on the delivery of professional, specialized language courses. Classes are formed of small groups of students and courses are adapted to fit learner’s needs, objectives and expectations. The center provides travel and learn trips to Japan and the United Kingdom for one, three, six months or more. The company is an exam preparation center for Cambridge exams and a registered Pearson LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) examination center .
The center is a registered trade-mark. Additionally, it is the exclusive agent in Romania for JCLI (Japanese Language School) – Nihongo Gakkou.


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