A UK distributor of B2B smart home/smart energy products seeks partners offering software or hardware products for a distribution services agreement or joint venture to sell via electrical wholesalers and retailers

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United Kingdom
This UK distributor of B2B niche smart energy and home automation systems is looking to grow their product portfolio by working with partners who can supply either software or hardware products in the smart energy, energy saving or home automation systems arena for a distribution services agreement.or joint venture
This recently established UK company has 12 agents in the UK and is selling a range of niche smart products including energy saving products, home automation systems and security systems into the electrical wholesale market.
The company sells to electrical wholesalers via agents and directly to retailers as well as online companies. A number of the electrical wholesalers also have e-commerce facilities.
The company already has a number of products in their portfolio but are keen to grow the home automation product portfolio
The company also has a relationship with an electrical contractor for installation work if required.

With long standing established contacts in the electrical wholesale market in the UK, the company excels at bringing new products to this market and hence is constantly seeking to increase the size of its product portfolio.
The company seeks partners who are developing or have developed hardware or software solutions suitable for the wholesale and retail electrical market, particularly in the area of energy saving, security, smart homes and home automation for a distribution services agreement or joint venture to expand business development by gaining access to UK distributor networks or gain faster entry to the UK market.
The company has an knowledgeable team with many years' of electrical wholesale and retail experience and a strong network of connections in the UK offering partners the opportunity to gain visibility across many wholesalers and retailers. The company has extensive experience of working technical manufacturers of electrical equipment to help them to establish new markets in the UK. The company works closely with a sister company to conduct business and domestic energy surveys and make recommendations to save energy. The company anticipates that their range of solutions will be used by the sister company thus offering additional routes to market for partners in the business and domestic energy saving arena.
The company is relatively new but they have an experienced team of directors with extensive experience in the energy sector and strong connections into the electrical wholesale and retail markets


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