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Address: 3379 Quakerbridge Rd Suite 202, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619
Phone: (609) 393-0067

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Heart & Vascular Care Consultants World-Class care, a heartbeat away. When it comes to cardiac care, seconds count. That’s why it’s good to know that wherever you find yourself, exceptional coronary and circulatory expertise is moments away at a nearby office of Heart & Vascular Care consultants.
At Heart & Vascular Care Consultants, our practitioners treat every symptom, from the most commonplace to the most acute, with the same exacting diagnostic discipline. And we approach every patient and family with the same compassionate concern.
It’s never been more important to have an experienced, trusted and responsive cardiologist nearby. Yet even a concern as common as spider veins, varicose veins, leg pain, leg swelling, leg discoloration, lymphedema can be the sign of a more critical underlying cardiac condition.
Heart Catheterization. A now common and useful diagnostic procedure, heart catheterization allows your medical team to evaluate the condition of your heart. This is achieved by inserting a small tube into a blood vessel and injecting a dye that will allow them to see the flow through your arteries and identify any blockages. In most cases, you will be awake and resting comfortably throughout, complications are very rare and you will be home that evening. Preparation for this procedure is simple and begins 12 hours beforehand. Your Heart & Vascular Care doctor or nurse-practitioner will provide complete instructions beforehand.

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Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Payment Method: All cc, cash, insurance

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