Continuum Recovery Center Denver

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Date : 2018/08/01
Country : United States
City : Denver
Location : 9725 E Hampden suite #308, Denver CO, 80231 USA
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Tel : 303-339-0420
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Note : As an outpatient treatment center located in Denver, our obvious vision is to help individuals stop the cycle of abuse. However, our vision goes deeper. Continuum Recovery Center Denver see ourselves as a rehab center that is comforting and compassionate to those in need. With various extracurricular activities, our program is truly one of a kind. We hope to see our clients walk away with a fresh start and a sense of purpose in life.Continuum Recovery Center offers some of the most comprehensive, well-rounded care in the nation. Our Denver treatment services are designed to treat individuals with substance abuse, with the purpose of reconnecting them with their loved ones. This is achieved through individual, group and family counseling, medication management and holistic therapies. With this foundation, clients have the tools and resources to reach long-term sobriety.

Timing - Mon to Fri 8am - 4pm


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