Window Cleaning Tips and Product Review

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Does Windex Really Work? : A Product Review and Guide to Cleaning Your Windows.

For over 35 years, I have made living washing windows for commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. In this piece, I'll address frequently asked questions, review a product, and provide some free advice and suggestions for do-it-yourselfers with modest dwellings and enterprises.

Every day since the arrival of spring, I have been asked what my secret ingredient is for making the windows sparkle. That's a simple question, but before I answer it, I'll clear up any misunderstandings. Cleaning windows does not require an advanced degree, but you will need to know a few fundamentals. How best to clean windows is a topic of some debate. There are many who insist that newspaper must be used to get a shine, while others swear by vinegar or ammonia. Many people have the mistaken belief that all they need to do is spray on some Windex and wipe it away with a cloth or paper towel. This is not a simple task. Before anything else, I don't suggest using Windex. Most people don't know how to utilise the product, but that's not because it's useless or poorly made. It contains a blue dye, a scent component, and other substances that can cause a major cleanup hassle if removed improperly. It turns out that you can buy a whole bunch of different commercial products that all claim to be ideal for washing windows. I have tried many of these high-priced options, and they are no better than the one product that 90% of window cleaners use, which costs only a fraction of that.

In a moment, I will reveal to you the single most effective method for maintaining spotless window panes: dishwashing liquid.

That's all that's required. It's cheap, plus you can use environmentally friendly dish detergent that's gentle on your skin and the planet. Really, that wasn't all that terrible. Continue reading to find out why.

Why it's crucial to pay attention to the details when washing windows It's not so much the solution itself as it is its application that matters.

The most crucial equipment is a high-quality squeegee. The size you'll need will depend on the size of the windows you're cleaning. While a squeegee of 12–14 inches in length is ideal,

sufficient for most apartment-sized dwellings These are widely available in hardware stores. If you can afford the brass one, do so. You need to take care of your squeegee after you have it. Don't toss it about or crease it.

The blade should be changed after a couple of uses. These can be easily replaced, and they can be purchased at any local cleaning supply store. Be sure to put all sides to good use before throwing it away.

Listed below are seven tried and true methods for cleaning windows:

First, you should never wash windows when the sun is shining in through them. They dry too quickly, causing streaking.

Dishwashing liquid is all that is required, number 2. The vast majority of experts adopt this method. It's inexpensive and reliable in almost any scenario.

3 Add two or three ounces of dish soap to the water in the bucket.

4. Saturate the window with your solution using a rag or brush.

5 To remove the solution, use a common brass squeegee from a hardware store.

6. Start at the top of the window and work your way down, tilting the squeegee so that water doesn't drip off the top.

7 When you're done, make sure the water is turned off as soon as possible, and use a lint-free cloth or dry paper towel to wipe up any stray drops of water around the borders.

The vast majority of window-cleaning scenarios can be handled with these pointers. To remove marks or stains from the windows other than dirt, you may need to use different chemicals or equipment. Then it might be time to talk to an expert. You may want to hire a professional if your windows are particularly high or expansive. One man I know told his wife, "I'm going to get the ladder out and clean the windows." He climbed up the ladder, only to tumble down. Since his injury occurred away from the office, his employer refused to pay him for the time he missed. Their mood was quite low. If you don't feel comfortable handling a complex matter, let the experts handle it.

Finally, there is nothing more satisfying than gazing out a spotless window. If you follow the straightforward advice in this piece, you can spend as little time and money as possible taking in the natural wonders of the world. Enjoy.


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