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Every industry needs solid and secure cabling and duct system to lay their power, signaling, and telecom lines. Ducting here refers to most effectively enclosing cables inside a custom-made plastic box. Be it underground or above the ground, the cables should not be laid directly without any protective covering. This is because exposed cables are susceptible to rodent attack, damages from nearby heat sources, and other external factors. Damage-proof cables or insulations are yet to be developed, so we need to consider safety measures to protect them and further ensure smooth power and signal transmission. The dangers of bare wire are many but finding fault is a tedious process in the case of cable laying in conventional RCC ducts, so we are up with a better alternative. The traditional process of cable ducting utilized RCC ducts, concrete trays, full round plastic or GI Pipes, etc. had drawbacks and did not meet the basic requirements. There is extensive use of RCC ducting in railway tracks, Airport, substations, metros and tunnel for laying cables, So they may be effectively replaced with injection moulded plastic cable duct.

Website: https://www.jmv.co.in/products/cable-duct


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