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Notarized translations are undertaken in accordance with laws of the state or country where the translation is to be used. With a notarized translation, it must be a precise translation of the text put in front of the translator. It should include a clause written by the certifier guaranteeing the accuracy along with a seal and signature of the notary witnessing the translators signature. For a document to be accepted by a court or government department like the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service(USCIS), it must be certified with the translator or companies signature and does not need to be notarized. However, many other agencies and schools do require notary and the wording must comply with the what is required by the state or agency where the notarized translation is to be filed. At Cinch Translations, we not only offer notarized translation services that are rated highly by courts and state authorities, we ensure you get a quality notarized translation every time. All our translations are carried out by translators who: - are skilled in both their mother tongue and a second language fluently - have gained 5 years’ experience in the notarized translation field - have reached the required standard through our rigorous testing system


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