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When applying for a green card you should send copies of your birth certificate and other applicable documents. These don’t need to be notarized as a true copy but any original affidavits and the original translation of the birth certificate and other documents that are not in English should accompany your application. One of the things that is important is that your birth certificate must be sourced from the office in your country that has been designated to issue birth certificates. No one else can vouch for you when it comes to your date of birth. Before being admitted into the United States you will be asked to attend an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your own country first. You will be expected to take to the interview all the documents that are found on a list that has been sent to you prior to the interview and this includes your birth certificate and birth certificate translation. If any of the documents are in a language other than English they must be accompanied by a translation that has been certified by the translator who has performed the translation. If you fail to comply with this requirement you may find that your application will be delayed considerably and you may even be rejected because you have held up the process.


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